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Why I’m Running

I’m running for Congress because people in suburban St. Louis are tired of the divisiveness that consumes Washington and they’re ready for someone who will find common ground to solve their problems. Suburban St. Louis needs a Representative in Washington who will put our families first – not the lobbyists and the special interests who are currently running the show. I will work across the aisle to find common ground to solve issues our families deal with every day — to ensure our schools are safe, our tax code prioritizes families, and that people are able to afford the medicine they need.  The special interests have plenty of lobbyists in Washington, it’s time my neighbors finally have someone fighting for them.

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Meet Jill Schupp

From the two-bedroom home in University City where Jill Schupp grew up, to working part-time while in high school at Parkway North, to being one of the first in her family to graduate college, Jill has been shaped by a family and community that valued hard work, a good education, and a belief that everyone should have an opportunity to succeed in life.

Jill was profoundly influenced by the work ethic and devotion to family she witnessed from both of her parents. Jill’s father and grandfather both worked six days a week at the junk yard in East St. Louis that they started before her father became a car salesman at Weber Chevrolet in Creve Coeur. Jill’s mom worked as an audiologist in the local schools and doctors’ offices.

After attending the University of Missouri, Jill taught elementary school before joining an advertising agency where she helped businesses grow. It was there that she met and married Mark Schupp and had two children. While her sons Brandon and Alex were in school, Jill saw a problem: they and their classmates were unable to concentrate due to the lack of air conditioning in the school. As Jill has done so often throughout her life, she saw a problem and took action to fix it, becoming involved in the School Board.

Since then, Jill’s desire to help her community and solve problems put her on a path of public service, first winning election to the School Board, then to her City Council, and then the legislature, where she has worked to eliminate surprise billing in emergency rooms, improve day care safety, and help curtail suicide through required training for mental health professionals. In every position Jill has held, her goal has been the same — to craft common-sense solutions to improve the lives of the people she has been elected to represent.

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